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At InmateFone, we realized that the mission of keeping inmates connected with their friends, families and communities is also about including them in life’s precious moments. We created InmateFoto for you to share those moments to the extent possible spontaneously and seamlessly.
How it works
Connect - Add - Select
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Connect your account with Facebook and/or Instagram for easy account access.
Choose the photo(s) you want to send your friend(s) or loved one(s) directly from your phone/pc or social media.
And you’re done!
Print & Deliver
This part's on us - We print your photos on the highest quality photo paper and deliver it to the inmate’s facility in record time.
The InmateFoto difference is our promise to you!
We KNOW how hard this is on friends and family! We KNOW that including them is the only way to keep them close!
Our product & customer service team has been trusted by YOU for over 10 years
  • We never compromise on quality
  • Responsive, professional & courteous customer service
  • No gotchas or hidden fees. EVER!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Affordable pricing
Maximum order size of 50 photos
shipping & handling
for each order
each for first
10 photos
each for next
10 photos
each for additional
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Frequently Asked Questions
How fast do photos get delivered to the inmate?
InmateFoto has a priority mail relationship with USPS. You should expect delivery times to the facility to be between 1-3 days from the time photos are posted. You can monitor the status of each pack of photos for delivery. Keep in mind that correctional facilities check inmate mail for contraband and that can take time as well.
How fast does InmateFoto process photos?
InmateFoto guarantees same day processing for photos received before 3:00PM EST on business days. Photos received after 3:00PM will be sent out on the next business day.
Do you service all correctional institutions?
Yes. We service all Federal & State prisons as well as County jails and civilian rehabilitation centers.
What size, stock and finishing options are available for Photos?
We currently print photos on 4x6 photo stock paper with a gloss finish. We expect to introduce other sizes and finishes in the near future, and those options will be made available to users for selection.
How can I upload photos on my account?
When you are in your account go to "New order". First it will ask you to select your loved one and after that you can upload photos directly from your phone/pc or use the links to social media.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. We accept bank checks, institutional checks and Money Orders. We DO NOT accept Personal Checks.
Can I pay directly on my loved one's account ?
Anyone can make a payment on accounts managed directly by the inmate. All you need is the account number and you can use the "QUICKPAY" option on the website. Before you pay we will confirm you have the correct account first.
How do I link my account with Facebook or Instagram for easy account access?
When you create an account you can Sign Up using Facebook or Instagram. If you wish to link your account afterwards you can link it in your account going to "Account" in the menu.

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